$ whoami

Hey, I’m James πŸ‘‹

A software developer who has segwayed into the DevOps world!

I was initially a lead backend dev, working with a programming language ⌨️ called q coupled with some python for good measure 🐍!

Many moons ago, I was in a strange place where I found myself acting as the bridge between fellow Devs and Sysadmins at work.

Devs wanted to deploy faster and wanted to monitor and maintain things in production… Sysadmins wanted to know more about the code they were helping co-manage!

And, that’s when I found myself working in the field of DevOps (and a *new official company title) πŸ‘”.

Robust CI/CD pipelines were created to handle code deployments to production environments ⛓️.

There were no more mammoth bi-weekly or monthly releases … deployment cadence had improved to dailyhourly … πŸš€

Immutable infrastructure was written using Infrastructure as Code(IaC) tools like terraform and cloudformation πŸ–₯️.

Projects were broken down into microservices, packed up into images, ran within containers using Docker 🐳 and then deployed onto platforms using orchestrators like Kubernetes ☸️.

Real-time system health and performance was monitored using prometheus, loki and grafana πŸ“Š.

Applications were decoupled by introducing Event-Driven Architecture into the system … Apache Kafka 😏.

The list goes on and on …

Fast forward to today and now I’m completely hooked 🀟

Outside of work, I love sports and my dog 🐢


  • πŸ“ From a small town called Newry
  • πŸŽ“ A senior q / DevOps engineer
  • πŸ’» Tech lover who enjoys coding , solving problems, optimising, building pipelines
  • ❀️ Sports ⚽ 🏈